We are passionate about the healthcare consumer experience.

You don’t get to be the leader in Health Engagement Management by simply acknowledging that it can be done better; you’ve got to boldly accept it as your mission. Since 2000, we have developed first-of-its-kind solutions to address some of the healthcare industry’s greatest challenges—from adherence and prevention to condition management, retention, and more.

Now, as part of HMS, we have more resources than ever to help our clients improve care experiences, reduce costs, and advance population health.

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Hear firsthand from Eliza employees as they share insights on what we do and our mission to motivate healthcare consumers to take action that delivers outcomes that make a difference in the video below.


Founded in 2000—over
15 years strong

combined years of healthcare and technology experience

Over 200
brilliant employees

patents on our Health Engagement platform


languages spoken

Founded on
Eliza Doolittle's
'The Art of Conversation'

Best-in-class engagement
industry awards

We’ve been recognized for innovation.

Eliza has received over 25 best-in-class engagement industry awards, including the Health Care Consumer Engagement and Protection award from URAC, a leading healthcare accreditation organization “for achievements that are effectively advancing the role of consumers as active participants in healthcare through quality measurement and data analytics.” Eliza owns more than 40 patents on our Health Engagement Management platform.

We’re certified for security.

Eliza is ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified. Representing the ultimate benchmark for information security management systems, ISO 27001 compliance ensures that the millions of outreaches Eliza makes every month on behalf of its healthcare clients are supported by the highest standards for security. Our patented interface is also HIPAA-compliant.

We’re committed to healthcare.

The Eliza mission extends far beyond providing the most advanced Health Engagement Management solution and services to the healthcare market. At Eliza, we envision a world where everyone is engaged in their health and the management of their care.

  • Eliza doesn't settle for status quo. We flip healthcare on its side and challenge the way the industry engages with consumers--to think outside the box and break through the noise.

    Alison Unger, Vice President of Sales, Eliza Corporation
  • People at Eliza are completely obsessed with making members healthier, driving our clients to have better outcomes and more business success.

    Aimee Delorey, Senior Analytics Director, Eliza Corporation
  • At Eliza, I get the opportunity to apply my skills and my passion, as well as work alongside the smartest brains in the health engagement industry.

    Rachit Sanchela, Senior Product Manager, Product Management, Eliza Corporation
  • Against wind and tide--we will do anything we can to materialize our solution and ultimately deliver better engagement to improve quality of life for your family, friends, mothers and fathers...

    Kim Spakiu, Director of Solutions Operations, Eliza Corporation
  • We have cutting edge technology at Eliza, which is a game changer. What it means is big data, better questions and the best engagement.

    Anusha Jalla, Business Intelligence Manager, Eliza Corporation
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