Fall Priorities to Better Engage Healthcare Consumers and Prepare for a Healthy 2018

Happy Fall! Autumn is a time for closing those last quarter gaps in care, encouraging flu immunizations, and planning for the health plan 2018 benefit year. Here are some quickly-deployable Eliza health engagement management solutions that can reduce costs and improve outcomes and the member experience that you might find valuable this fall.

Welcome and Onboarding – First impressions are lasting. Timely and relevant conversations are designed to get to know your members and capture critical information to make the healthcare journey successful while building loyalty and enhancing satisfaction. The welcome outreach is also an optimal time to conduct a Health Risk Assessment and connect members to plan resources. Some results delivered to clients include:

  • 4x improvement in HRA completion
  • $625,000 in savings by using email instead of mail

Marketplace plans – don’t wait until January to start outreaching to new members. 15% of Marketplace enrollees fail to make their first premium payment and never effectuate their enrollment. Get ahead of this problem by welcoming members to the plan before their benefit year starts and remind them to make that first payment to ensure they’re covered on January 1. For more information on the importance of Marketplace Payment Reminders, check out this blog post.

Flu Shot Reminders – This preventive health reminder is a quick and effective way to drive behavior and address barriers around the vaccination. One client increased its CAHPS scores 12% over the previous year thanks to increased flu shot rates. Another client reported increasing flu shot rates by 34% over a control group. Eliza’s approach allows you to:

  • Debunk some persistent myths about the flu shot (46% of people asked believe the flu shot causes the flu).
  • Point members to appropriate resources, whether it’s their provider, a local drug store, or an on-site flu clinic.

Risk Surveys – Eliza offers off-cycle HOS and CAHPS surveys to support health plan interventions and member-specific information to create targeted actions for improvement. Some Medicare Advantage plans have seen 15 - 20% increases in HOS and CAHPS scores, and Star measure improvements by 2-3 Stars.

Year-end Gap Closure – Eliza’s year-end gap closure programs provide a last-minute push to close critical gaps in care and improve quality ratings. Members are notified of any care gaps and educated on the importance of health screenings. If they need help scheduling an appointment they can be transferred to plan resources or Eliza’s live agents. In just two months, Eliza assigned 162 members to PCPs and scheduled over 1,700 appointments to close care gaps.

For more information on these solutions or for help with any of your other health engagement management needs, contact us at eliza@hms.com or 1.844.343.1441.


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