How to Calculate the Financial Impact of Medicaid Member Churn

Medicaid churn is the unnecessary disruption of coverage due to missed renewal deadlines, address changes, confusion navigating the system, and fluctuations in income. 50% of individuals that fall off of Medicaid, come back onto their Medicaid plan within six months. Churn is harmful to beneficiaries and it's costly for Medicaid MCOs. Health plan churn costs include lost revenue, administrative expenses associated with reenrolling lapsed members and increased medical expense. This greatly impacts a health plan's bottom line.

By leveraging HMS Eliza's set of health engagement solutions, health plans serving Medicaid enrollees across the country have been able to reduce churn by proactively reminding members when they're up for renewal. Our well-timed, multichannel outreach programs provide members with the information they need to maintain their coverage and access to life-saving health benefits. The result is a satisfied customer and significant plan savings.

Calculate the impact an Eliza retention solution could have on your Medicaid population (and bottom line) at ​

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Medicaid Member Retention

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