Flu Outreach: Enhanced Flu Awareness and Education is Essential


Recently, the CDC raised concerns about a potential decline in flu vaccination rates this coming flu season due to the removal of the nasal flu spray option. While the nasal flu spray made vaccination much less uncomfortable, it has proven to be ineffective for children and is no longer an option. This change could result in a decline in voluntary flu vaccinations for the 2016-2017 flu season.

During last year’s flu season the number of flu vaccinations declined by 1.5%, resulting in a target population rate of about 45.6% -far below our national goals. According to CDC Director Tom Frieden, a 5% boost in vaccination rates would prevent 800,000 illnesses and nearly 10,000 hospitalizations. To increase compliance, enhanced flu awareness and education is essential.

It’s not too late to get healthcare consumers to act and this year it’s going to take more than just a single outreach to raise awareness. Eliza offers a quick-to-market flu outreach program with proven results, ready to launch to health plan members across multiple channels. One health plan client saw a 34% increase in vaccination in one season. Our flu outreach program increases flu shot compliance by addressing potential barriers and providing appropriate resources to help the individual take action. Use Eliza to:

  • Debunk myths about flu shots and provide easy to understand information. 46% of people we asked believe the flu shot actually causes the flu, and didn’t know a flu shot can take up to two weeks to be fully effective.
  • Direct members to appropriate resources, whether it’s their provider, a local drug store, or a flu clinic.

How we do it? You can be ready to launch within weeks:

  • Data Analytics: Our analytics team will oversee the data integration by either taking your identified list of members or working with you to identify your at-risk population and confirm contact information.
  • Engagement Design: Deploy our standard flu outreach program, pre-programmed and ready to go, or allow our health engagement design experts to tailor an outreach strategy to meet your specific population needs.
  • Launch: Within weeks, we can execute a multi-channel, multi-touch program. We have found adding more channels, only improves results. In a recent case study we saw a 6.2% greater rate of well-child visits for those who received multi-channel outreach vs. one channel alone. 
  • Results: Our team monitors the success of your program and will make enhancements to drive further engagement.      

Don’t forget, it’s also a great end-of-year opportunity to engage with your members in relevant ways that drive loyalty and retention – such as adding it to a renewal campaign or ANOC outreach. To learn more and discuss how quickly we can get a program up and running for you, call 844-343-1441 or email eliza@hms.com.


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