Health Plan Member Engagement Initiatives to Prioritize This Fall

As the last days of summer draw near, I wanted to take moment to talk about health plan member engagement initiatives to prioritize this fall, such as year-end gap closure, flu immunizations, and planning for the 2019 benefit year. The following HMS Eliza solutions can be launched quickly to improve health outcomes and the member experience.

Year-End Gap Closure 

Eliza’s year-end gap closure programs provide a last-minute push to close critical gaps in care and improve quality ratings. Members with care gaps are educated on the importance of health screenings and are offered assistance in scheduling an appointment to help keep them on track. 

Flu Shot Reminders 

Automated flu shot reminders are a quick and effective way to encourage vaccination and address barriers to immunization. Eliza’s approach allows health plans to:

  • Debunk persistent myths about the flu shot. In one case, 46 percent of the people we asked believe the flu shot causes the flu!
  • Point members to appropriate resources such as their primary care physician, a local drug store or flu clinic.
  • Assess and address other barriers to getting the flu shot to boost outcomes. Clients running an Eliza outreach have reported increasing their flu shot rates by 34 percent over a control group.
  • Segment outreaches by age and language to ensure programs are culturally appropriate and persuasive across member populations.

Welcome and Onboarding 

First impressions are lasting. Eliza conducts timely and relevant outreaches designed to get to know your members and capture critical information that helps make the healthcare journey successful while building loyalty and enhancing satisfaction. The welcome call is also an optimal time to complete a health risk assessment and connect members to plan resources. Clients have reported:

  • 4x improvement in health risk assessment completion rates
  • $625,000 in savings by using email instead of direct mail

Marketplace and Medicare Advantage plans should consider welcoming new members before the benefit year starts. This is a good time to confirm premiums have been paid so that enrollment is effectuated and prior authorizations are carried over, ensuring continuity of services. 

Member Satisfaction and Consumer Engagement Surveys 

Eliza offers micro-targeted assessments that approximate key HOS and CAHPS questions, providing health plans with early direction on results, specific information on member perceptions, and allow for laser-focused, intelligent interventions. By leveraging Eliza’s data-driven approach to member satisfaction and consumer engagement surveys, Medicare Advantage plans have seen 15 to 20 percent increases in HOS and CAHPS scores, and Star measure improvements by 2-3 Stars.

For more information on how Eliza can help with your health plan member engagement needs this fall, contact us at, 1.844.343.1441, or visit our website.

Are you interested in learning more about how your health plan can improve member satisfaction and health outcomes?

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