How to Leverage HOS and CAHPS Results to Create a Star Rating Improvement Strategy

In a recent article published by Becker's Hospital Review, Ellen Harrison, Senior Vice President of Market Strategy and Consulting at HMS, discusses the critical role HOS and CAHPS measures play in a health plan's Star Ratings and how to create an effective Star Rating improvement strategy.

Moving HOS and CAHPS Measures

Ellen notes that together, HOS and CAHPS constitute 27% of an overall health plan’s score and 36% of the Part C score. Based on their overall weight, it is clear that HOS and CAHPS results can truly make or break your Star Rating improvement strategy.

While the majority of Star measures are defined based on specific services needed, claims, or medical record information verifying access and delivery of care, this is not the case with HOS and CAHPS. HOS and CAHPS measures are based on member-reported results, rather than objective claims. To drive member’s health and overall care experience, health plans need timely and detailed member information so that they can use the right interventions at the right times.

Building a Star Rating Improvement Strategy

There are several different steps you can take to improve HOS and CAHPS measures, with the first being to gather actionable member data. Next, Ellen recommends beginning micro-targeted actions and building a multi-year strategy for continuous outreach. Because member perceptions can change over time, it’s critical to continually engage with members each year.

Ultimately, for health plans, the time to focus on improving member perceptions on health outcomes and consumer experience is now.

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