How to Successfully Reach and Motivate Medicaid Members to Improve Health Outcomes


The Medicaid population faces many challenges making them a difficult group to reach and engage in conversations about their health.  Managed care organizations (MCOs) across the country struggle with obtaining correct contact information, breaking through cultural barriers and competing against real-life challenges that often take priority over health. Unfortunately, the health of Medicaid members depends on their willingness and ability to actively manage their care. 
Eliza's recently published eBook examines the issues that complicate Medicaid member engagement and proven strategies to improve health outcomes and lower costs. Learn how Eliza's Health Engagement Management solutions provide a personalized, multi-channel, multi-touch approach that motivates members to engage in their healthcare. 

The eBook reveals significant savings and improved quality scores for a regional Medicaid MCO. In one year, Eliza launched over 20 programs and initiated 2.3 million outreaches to 1 million members. 12,887 gaps in care were closed, 10 HEDIS measures were improved, and member retention increased by 9%, resulting in $15.6 million in retained revenue.

View the new Medicaid eBook on personalized engagement for improved outcomes here.  

 Key takeaways from the Medicaid eBook: 
• How to successfully reach and motivate members with tailored and targeted messaging
• How Eliza designs Medicaid solutions for results
• How one client improved ten HEDIS measures and increased member renewals by 9%, resulting in over $15M in retained revenue. 
• Chronic Disease Management & Addressing Cultural Barriers Case Study:  Hba1c Diabetes Testing Improvements Among Spanish Speakers
• Onboarding & Retention Case Study:  Ensuring Member Retention for Improved Population Health
• Preventive Care Case Study: Improving-Well Child Visits​

 ​Contact Eliza today and let us help you execute your quality improvement strategy and address the challenges engaging your Medicaid population. 


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