Mobilizing to Help Health Plan Members in Times of Crisis

Like many people who choose a career in healthcare, the prospect of helping people while working in a dynamic industry appeals to me immensely. And these past few weeks have given me the opportunity to realize the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives through our work at Eliza.

Being part of the solutions management team at Eliza enables me to partner with health plans to provide beneficial information to their members. On a daily basis, we engage healthcare consumers to motivate them to take action, on a range of topics— preventive screenings, access to plan resources to manage their condition, finding a provider, accessing prescriptions, and more. I consider our work to be an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem, as we facilitate member engagement that can lead to improved health outcomes and ultimately better quality of life. The impact of Eliza health engagement management’s contribution to member health has become clearer and more immediate in the weeks leading up to and during a series of powerful hurricanes.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused enormous stress for many residents of Texas, Florida, and the surrounding states; and our health plan clients wanted to ensure they were doing everything they could to minimize the concerns of their members during these trying times. Eliza mobilized quickly to assist (in most cases within 24 hours). Here are just some of the actions we undertook on behalf of our health plan clients’ members:

Making sure members get life-sustaining meds. When it became clear that Irma was going to be a powerful storm that would hit U.S. southern states, we stood up an emergency call center campaign to contact health plan members in affected states who were at risk of running out of life-sustaining medications during the hurricane. We were able to get the campaign up and running in 24 hours and reached 490,000 members over a two-day period to provide information on how members could get their critical medications on time.

Hurricane preparedness for Florida members. As Hurricane Irma drew near, we launched a hurricane preparedness campaign for one Florida health plan in less than 24 hours. The campaign involved reaching 175,000 plan members to provide information about accessing providers, ordering medical equipment and general health preparedness during a hurricane.

Halting unnecessary outreach so that important ones can get through. Sometimes the communications you don’t get are as important as the ones you do. One Eliza client was concerned about non-essential communications going to members who were planning for the hurricanes or in the process of evacuating. Eliza identified phone, text and email campaigns in five impacted states that could be halted during the weeks leading up to and directly after the hurricanes were scheduled to hit. More than 30,000 outreaches were halted so that more critical communications and activity could take place.

There’s something very satisfying about knowing that my company and team can mobilize so quickly to help our clients and their members in a time of need. 

Chris Flieger is VP Client Solutions Management at Eliza, an HMS company that provides communications and analytics solutions to improve patient engagement and outcomes.


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