The State of HOS and CAHPS [Infographic]

HOS and CAHPS results can make or break a Star Rating improvement strategy .Together, HOS and CAHPS make up 27% of an overall health plan’s Star Ratings and 36% of Part C results. Over the past five years, HOS and CAHPS measures and scores have remained relatively flat in comparison to overall Star measure performance. Medicare Advantage (MA) plans have a significant opportunity to drive improvement in these measures with member-level actionable data.

Check out this infographic to learn how HMS Eliza helped a client rapidly deploy a HOS and CAHPS program that resulted in the health plan improving four key measures by 1 and 2 Stars and increasing the overall plan rating from 3.5 to 4 Stars.

To learn more about improving your Star Ratings, read this eBook which includes case studies that highlight the impact of actionable member data on key HOS and CAHPS measures.

For more information about HMS Eliza’s HOS and CAHPS improvement programs, contact us at or 1.844.343.1441.



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