Struggling with HOS and CAHPS Measures? You are not alone.

Did you miss the Eliza Webinar on HOS/CAHPS on August 11th?  Listen to Ellen Harrison, SVP Market Strategy and Consulting at Eliza Corporation in the on-demand webinar as she discusses:

  • Opportunities to address the challenges all Medicare Advantage plans face and how some health plans have leveraged Eliza’s multi-channel solutions to efficiently and effectively engage their population with HOS and CAHPS proxy assessments — delivering the population and member level insights they need to address potential issues before they impact Star scores.

Access the recording here or read the webinar excerpt below.

We don’t have to tell you that HOS and CAHPS scores are important. They count for 25% of a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan’s overall Star rating, meaning that members’ perceptions about their care experiences directly affects the bottom line. These are difficult measures for all plans to improve. Over the last 3 years, HOS and CAHPS scores for MA plans have remained stagnant, with CAHPS scores hovering around 3.4 Stars and HOS scores at 3.0 Stars. And it’s no wonder. The HOS and CAHPS are based on a sample population’s perceptions about service, access and coordination of care and outcomes.  Plans receive aggregated output highlighting the broad opportunities but only limited actionable insights at a detailed member level.

Health plans need member-level data so limited resources can be used to create a focused and realistic action plan that will yield an effective return. Eliza’s approach provides early and deep insights into the drivers of perceptions that can help boost Star scores. We believe micro-targeted assessments that approximate the HOS and CAHPS key questions and issues applied across the health plan population, can provide you with early direction on results, specific information on member perceptions, and allow for laser-focused interventions.

Eliza’s HOS and CAHPS outreach impacts member perceptions and results in three ways:

  1. Recency and relevance play a role – We have found that the action of completing a survey of similar questions provides some lift in completion of the formal CAHPs and HOS surveys.
  2. Drive to act – We expand on standard HOS and CAHPS question sets by including tips and recommendations for immediate action to influence the member to act on care and outcomes issues. For example, if a member confirms some issues with balance or a recent fall, we include persuasive messaging to encourage the member to speak with their provider and seek out support and treatment. This messaging helps to not only captures member details for targeted intervention, but can result in enhanced member activation and early intervention.
  3. Actionable outputs – Our population based surveys give health plans member level details that cannot be gleaned through formal HOS and CAHPS results, which are reported in aggregate. The data collected is invaluable in connecting individual members with plan resources to address areas of concern that impact outcomes and satisfaction.

Our programs can be tailored to a plan’s specific objectives, we offer the flexibility to target key areas for improvement that matter most in your market.  And, with our integration experience gained from over 440,000 programs we can be market ready in as little as weeks.


Recently, a regional Medicare Advantage plan turned to Eliza because they had a 1-Star rating in 2014 for many of their CAHPS measures. Eliza was able to provide targeted support, survey branching logic utilizing personalized questions based on individual responses and key problem areas, and survey tailoring based on past CAHPS and HOS opportunity areas for this particular plan. The results were at least a 1-Star improvement in the target CAHPS measures, and in some instances, improvement by two or three Stars.

Access the webinar recording here.

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