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2017 was a memorable year for the healthcare industry — we’ve seen health plans and systems consolidate, patients and caregivers come together to better manage their care, the continued rise of healthcare consumerism, and a shift in the mindset of many in regards to the economic value associated with community and public health initiatives — moving healthcare member engagement and total population health to the forefront.

Over the past 12 months, Eliza’s thought leaders weighed in on the latest developments from Eliza, shared exemplary client success stories, and commented on the healthcare industry at large. Before we launch into a new year of blogging about healthcare member engagement and total population health, let’s take a quick look at last year’s most popular articles.

Here are the five most popular articles of 2017 from the Eliza Engage blog. Enjoy!

1. Identifying and Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Healthcare providers tend to think that people care about the same things they do – getting and staying healthy through a range of preventive care activities including annual well-visits, chronic condition management, medication adherence programs and health education. However, we need to acknowledge that the same things aren’t often on the minds of the typical healthcare consumer. Read More →

2. The Top 5 Reasons to Improve HOS and CAHPS Scores

Patient experience and outcomes measures make up a significant portion of the overall Medicare Star Rating. Since patients are the best and/or only source of information for these outcomes and experience measures, this data is collected through the use of surveys, such as Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) and Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS). Read More →

3. Cultural Intelligence: When Knowing a Language Does Not Translate to Knowing a Culture

If knowing a language allows you to talk and listen to somebody, having cultural intelligence allows you to establish a relationship. This general understanding is an essential element in the field of intercultural communication. It is particularly helpful in healthcare – when adapting campaigns about behavior change require so much more than simple ‘word-for-word’ translation. Read More →

4. Mental Health and the Weight of Depression

The U.S. healthcare system struggles under the weight of depression in that the supply of psychiatrists and inpatient psychiatric beds has been shrinking for years, even as the population of people with psychiatric disorders has grown. Even when people are able to access the mental health care they need, they often struggle to adhere to their treatment plans considering about 50% of patients receiving antidepressant therapy discontinue treatment prematurely. Read More →

5. How to Successfully Reach and Motivate Medicaid Members to Improve Health Outcomes

The Medicaid population faces many challenges making them a difficult group to reach and engage in conversations about their health.  Managed care organizations (MCOs) across the country struggle with obtaining correct contact information, breaking through cultural barriers and competing against real-life challenges that often take priority over health. Unfortunately, the health of Medicaid members depends on their willingness and ability to actively manage their care. Read More →

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