Webinar Recap: Social Determinants of Health


Eliza Corporation recently hosted a webinar on, “Identifying and Addressing Socioeconomic Barriers to Care". Our guest presenter was Betsy Mazzoni, Manager of Quality Improvement at Gateway Health, a valued partner of Eliza since 2013. Gateway expanded its partnership with Eliza this year and launched an integrated, multi-channel health engagement solution, focused on improving health outcomes. 

Access the ‘Social Determinants of Health’ webinar on-demand here.

Betsy noted, “Many plans and providers can fall into the trap of presuming that our interests around health promotion align with the priorities of our members.” Too often, socioeconomic barriers fall outside the benefit structure of health plans. The reality is that life factors have an enormous impact on health and wellbeing. 

This is why Gateway Health has taken a comprehensive, proactive approach to identifying and addressing social determinants of health. Betsy spoke about the tools Gateway uses, including ensuring member materials promote health literacy, risk stratification, and Prospective Care Management™. They have also enhanced the ways in which consumers can interact with the plan, including Eliza-led, multi-channel outreach such as email and text messaging. 

Each personalized, automated outreach that Eliza conducts on behalf of Gateway Health, whether it’s a flu shot reminder or a check-in after being discharged from the hospital, integrates a social determinants of health module. Creating a direct and open personal dialogue assessing socioeconomic risk allows Eliza to connect members in need with valuable health plan and community resources. 

Aimee Delorey, Eliza’s Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics concluded the webinar by reviewing best practices when engaging healthcare consumers on social determinants of health and presented some results from Gateway’s program. 30% of those asked, reported significant concerns about life necessities, such as food, shelter and safety, and were 2-3 times more likely to report fair or poor health.  

Through these interactions, we were able to help Gateway identify and engage members who could use some extra help that otherwise may have slipped through the cracks. After all, things like access to food, shelter, and safety, can’t be found on claims. 

To hear more best practices to identify and address social determinants of health, watch and listen to the webinar on-demand or contact us at eliza@hms.com or 1-844-343-1441.



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