Whooping cough – an unnecessary epidemic

We saw it back in 2012, and now it’s back with a vengeance. Whooping cough outbreaks -- especially in states like California – are creating public health problems of "epidemic proportions."

It’s particularly dangerous for certain populations and highly contagious. Healthcare professionals suggest that the vaccination is still the best way to prevent the spread of the disease.

We already have adult vaccinations on our minds this time of year, with flu season just around the corner. In our many years interacting with people about the flu shot, we’ve learned a lot about the barriers people have to getting vaccinations – and are able to address those concerns in real time to drive compliance.

We’ve already leveraged that insight to engage members in hard-hit areas in conversation about the whooping cough vaccine and connect them with information and resources through coordinated call and email campaigns.

In fact, when we ran whooping cough vaccination outreach during the last surge in 2012, we saw nearly a quarter of eligible members saying they intend to get their whooping shot vaccination, and another 20% saying they’ll remind their loved ones to get it, too – a great proxy of the potential for widespread education around this preventive health behavior. Follow-up email outreach boosted this awareness campaign even greater as members clicked through to the plan’s web site for more information on whopping cough and how to prevent it.


So if you’re considering taking a more proactive approach to whooping cough this year, consider applying some our Best Practices for vaccination messaging – they’re sure to resonate with today’s members, and help make whooping cough history.


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