5 Ways to "Wow" Your Members in Early 2019

It’s a new year full of promise, resolutions, and re-committing to healthy habits. For many, health and wellbeing is at the top of their list of resolutions this year: quit smoking, eat more salad, and exercise every day. We have the best of intentions, and yet, gym memberships have usually dropped off again by March. Those last ten pounds won’t budge. Working in the healthcare field, we know that people need support in order to stay well. How can we better support our members this year?

As a health plan, the New Year brings additional excitement: new members, calls to member services, managing requests for a new PCP, etc. And this year, for Medicare Advantage plans, a change to the disenrollment period, allowing members to make plan changes through March 31, 2019.

This year, more than ever, plans need to “wow” their members, identify issues quickly, and make rapid adjustments. Not to mention improve Star Ratings, quality outcomes, and reduce costs while improving member, provider, and staff experiences. Happy New Year!

So what can you do to get the ball rolling early in 2019?

  1. Build relationships. It takes time to build trust and form relationships with your members. The best way to begin supporting your members is to begin; it only takes a phone call to ensure members feel welcome. Get to know them and let them get to know you.
  2. Be a connector. We know that members with a primary care provider have better clinical outcomes. Have your members been in to see a primary care provider in the last year? Are you receiving calls about changing providers?
  3. Encourage health and wellness. There is no better time to start (or re-start) the conversation around preventive care, chronic condition management, and healthy habits. Health plans are in the unique position to know who needs to see a doctor and to facilitate appointment scheduling.
  4. Check in on quality. For many members, their first interaction with the plan lands in prescriptions to be filled. How are these efforts operating? Any challenges that need to be addressed straight away?
  5. Ask for feedback. How are you doing as a plan? How is the new member onboarding experience? Find opportunities to ask for feedback at every interaction, develop a feedback loop to operations, and then use it to inform what’s next for your plan.

We have an opportunity to be part of a better New Year for our members. Start today. It only takes a phone call.

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