Over the course of a single year, Eliza launched over 20 programs and initiated 2.3 million outreaches to almost a million members, resulting in the client achieving pay-for-performance goals. Over the past two years, these programs have continued to deliver measurable results. Our continued partnership and focus on aligning our client’s business imperatives with member engagement programs have strengthened the overall outcomes for our clients. Learn more in this downloadable case study.

Eliza’s culturally adapted approach to Health Engagement Management helps healthcare organizations overcome barriers to engaging the Hispanic Population to help improve overall health, and member satisfaction while reducing costs. This case study shares considerations and variations in the content that made a difference in the way Spanish speakers received well-child and diabetes care outreach and the results delivered. Learn more in this downloadable case study published in Population Health News, March 2017.

More and more State Medicaid agencies are turning to pay-for-performance incentives to improve health outcomes and lower costs. However, engaging the Medicaid population to attain these quality-based incentive goals is extremely challenging and requires personal motivation to get members to take action.

Center for Advancing Health
Contributing Author: Alexandra Drane p.143 -148

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