Eliza creates culturally relevant oureaches and connects with your Hispanic population to increase engagement and improve outcomes.

Like so many Medicaid MCOs, our client struggled with retaining members year-over-year and the significant costs associated with churn. Eliza implemented a proactive, personalized, and easy-to-understand outreach program to members ahead of their renewal dates.

Faced with lower engagement rates for diabetic management in the Hispanic population, our client reached out to Eliza to design a culturally adapted program. Eliza designed a diabetic management program analyzing claims diagnosis and executing a tailored diabetes outreach.

Improving outcomes matters more every year. But improving outcomes requires moving individual healthcare consumers to act. The Medicaid population presents a variety of challenges to enhancing engagement. Enter Eliza. Our Health Engagement Management solution is the only single-vendor solution capable of delivering a truly personalized two-way conversation with the modern healthcare consumer at enterprise scale.

Eliza helps drive senior consumers to engage in healthcare activities that drive better outcomes. We identify unique individual motivations and barriers. Then, we tailor and time multi-channel, multi-touch outreaches to address relevant Star measures, quality improvement goals and compliance—while minimizing abrasion and increasing positive engagement to support retention and satisfaction.

We’ve proven that when you engage healthcare consumers in personalized conversations, you motivate them to take action. To better monitor their chronic conditions. To follow post-discharge instructions. To refill their prescribed medication. And when your healthcare consumers take those actions, everything improves. That’s the power of Eliza’s Health Engagement Management solution.

One-to-one engagement strategies pay multiple dividends. This graphical dashboard illustrates a snapshot of some of the results our healthcare clients have realized using an Eliza Health Engagement Management solution.

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