Jennifer Forster

Jennifer Forster

Jennifer Forster joined Eliza in 2014 as the Director of Medicaid Strategy. Prior to joining Eliza, Jennifer was the Director of Public Partnerships at a Medicaid managed care organization in Massachusetts. Jennifer attended Syracuse University where she earned a B.S. in Marketing from the Whitman School of Management and a Masters in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

How to Successfully Reach and Motivate Medicaid Members to Improve Health Outcomes

The eBook reveals significant savings and improved quality scores for a regional Medicaid MCO. In one year, Eliza launched over 20 programs and initiated 2.3 million outreaches to 1 million members. 12,887 gaps in care were closed, 10 HEDIS measures were improved, and member retention increased by 9%, resulting in $15.6 million in retained revenue.

How to Calculate the Financial Impact of Medicaid Member Churn

By leveraging HMS Eliza's set of health engagement solutions, health plans serving Medicaid enrollees across the country have been able to reduce churn by proactively reminding members when they're up for renewal. Our well-timed, multichannel outreach programs provide members with the information they need to maintain their coverage and access to life-saving health benefits. The result is a satisfied customer and significant plan savings.

How Will Medicaid Work Requirements Impact Churn and Member Retention?

CMS' recent guidance to State Medicaid Directors on work requirements for non-disabled, non-pregnant adults was anticipated to those of us who serve Medicaid programs. Even so, this policy change has many Medicaid plans and advocates concerned that additional requirements will add to Medicaid churn or the administrative disenrollment and re-enrollment of Medicaid beneficiaries.

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