Melissa Palladino

Melissa Palladino

Melissa Palladino joined Eliza’s design team in 2009 as a web copy developer. Now, Palladino can be found at the forefront of new product design and implementation, client solution strategy, and well-crafted, impactful outreach creation. Her areas of subject matter expertise include Medicare, STAR gap-closure tactics, and medication adherence.

A perfectionist and achiever in her work, Palladino has applied that mindset successfully to other life arenas. Her walking tour business, Gloucester Guided Tours (2006-2009), was featured in Life Magazine, Boston Magazine, and Boston Business Journal. Melissa Cooks Gourmet, her cook-through blog featuring recipes of The Gourmet Cookbook, won attention in The Wall Street Journal. Real Simple and the Boston Globe featured her artwork. And as a fiction writer, Melissa is a two-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colby College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Maine College of Arts.

Engage and Transfer ROI: Measuring the True Value of Live Callers

My husband Donald is a registered nurse who works with medically fragile pediatric patients in their homes. His primary work is very hands-on, very physical—administering crushed up medication through feeding tubes, clearing and monitoring breathing vents, and being constantly vigilant—for seizures, for infections, for pain—in a population that cannot articulate or advocate for their own needs. His secondary work is holistic in nature—working with the parents, fitting into and navigating the sometimes very emotional landscape of their homes.

Making a difference with STAR measure 13

In 2007, my 70-year old mother’s right hip joint imploded—an unusual form of bone loss that led to hip replacement surgery. In 2009, she stumbled on the stairs during a midnight trip to the bathroom, and fractured two lumbar vertebrae. Eight months later, she slipped on a patch of ice outside the front door while retrieving the newspaper, and broke her ankle.

Our family oversaw her recovery from these events with great concern—falls of this nature in the elderly female population so often are the first signal of the end of life’s journey.

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