8 Reasons to Pre-Board Your Members Before Next Year

Have you ever thought about “pre-boarding” your members? Reach out early to engage members before their effective date, allowing you to identify transition of care needs.

Pre-boarding new health plan members before January 1 preps them for a smooth transition to their 2019 benefits. Timely, personalized outreach goes a long way in the minds of your members. Behavioral research demonstrates that little things make a big difference when it comes to social interaction.[i]

Let new members know that you are thinking of them and are ready to take care of them in the New Year. A warm welcome can help ease any anxiety and support transitions of care. This is also a great time to educate members on plan benefits, collect critical contact and consent information and carry over prior authorizations.

Here are eight reasons to pre-broad your Medicare Advantage, Marketplace or commercial members:

1.    Educate members on plan benefits and provider network

2.    Identify transition of care needs  

3.    Collect critical contact information including email addresses, cell phone numbers and permission to contact via text and email

4.    Ease anxiety for new members by reassuring them they have coverage starting the first of the year

5.    Remind members to be on the lookout for their new ID cards

6.    If applicable, make sure members understand how to make premium payments.
15% of Marketplace enrollees fail to make their first premium payment and never effectuate their enrollment. Get ahead of this problem by welcoming members to the plan before their benefit year starts and remind them to make that first payment to ensure they are covered on January 1.

7.    Reduce January call center volume

8.    Improve member loyalty and retention 

Contact us today at eliza@hms.com, 844.343.1441, to create your pre-boarding program and set your plan up for a successful 2019.  

[i] Psychology Today, Mar 06, 2012, Sam Sommers Ph.D. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/science-small-talk/201203/the-power...



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