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Eliza ‘Walks the Talk’ with Special Olympics Massachusetts

At Eliza, we envision a world where everyone is engaged in their health and the management of their care. Eliza’s ‘Walk the Talk’ wellness team recently kicked off its ongoing partnership and sponsorship with Special Olympics Massachusetts for 2018. 

During the standing-room-only launch event, Eliza employees heard about Special Olympics’ mission from its regional representatives and from inspiring keynote speaker/athlete Melissa Reilly.

Melissa, a Special Olympics athlete with Down Syndrome, represented the United States at the 2005 and 2013 World Games in alpine skiing. She also has competed in aquatics and cycling for 15 years and was inducted into the Special Olympics Hall of Fame in 2010.  Currently, Melissa is a college student and working part-time in a Massachusetts State Senator’s office.

Eliza’s employees reacted with cheers and some tears to Melissa’s dynamic talk about her accomplishments and challenges, including crowd-pleasing photos of Melissa doing slalom runs down mountains and arm-in-arm with New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady!

Eliza looks forward to sponsoring several upcoming events in partnership with Special Olympics Massachusetts:

  • The annual ‘Ho. Ho. Holiday Torch Run’ in early December is a fun holiday 5K run/1 mile walk. Please consider making a donation to Eliza’s team, the Mistletoes, to benefit Special Olympics.
  • In May of 2018, Eliza will be the main sponsor of the local Special Olympics Danvers School Day Games, at which Special Olympics athletes team up with area high school students. Eliza employees will volunteer to coordinate team activities for this event.
  • In August of 2018, Eliza will host an on-site bocce tournament with inclusive teams of employees and Special Olympics athletes. Bocce is a long-standing tradition at Eliza and is taken very seriously (in a fun, competitive way). This will be the first time that Eliza and Special Olympics will partner for this event that will also kick off Eliza’s Annual Employee Bocce Tournament.

At Eliza, we are driven by our vision of a world where everyone is engaged in their health and the management of their care, we deliver outcomes that make a difference — for our colleagues, our clients, and the people we serve. The ‘Walk the Talk’ team at Eliza frequently plans activities to engage employees at Eliza in their own health and the health of its community.

To learn more about working at Eliza, please visit our careers page.  

Relax, it’s the Holidays: 5 Simple Steps to Deep Breathing Meditation

During this busy time of year, it is important that you make sure you are taking care of yourself. With the pressures of end of year work activities coupled with the holidays, family and other obligations, it is very easy to get run down and sometimes sick. 

At Eliza, we believe in supporting our employees to maintain a healthy balance of work and play. This quarter we have offered free on-site meditation sessions to support the busy minds and bodies working at Eliza to deliver high-quality healthcare engagement programs to ensure our client’s success. It is important to deliver on your day to day work obligations, however, it is just as important to make sure you stay calm and healthy. 

Studies done by National Institute of Health have shown that short periods of meditation can result in decreased anxiety and emotional reactivity as well as increased attention span.  

Below are five simple steps to quickly quiet your mind and maintain a sense of calm. These methods can be accomplished while sitting at your desk or in a quiet room. If you are in an area that does not lend itself to silence (like an airport), use your headphones and listen to calming music.  You may also want to use a timer on your phone so you can focus on your practice instead of worrying about the time. 


5 Simple Steps to Deep Breathing Meditation

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Select a soft alarm such as a chime or bell to bring you back when time is up.

1. Sit in your chair with your spine straight and feet flat on the floor. You can also sit on the floor with legs crossed, or lay down if space permits.

2. Close your eyes and relax all of the muscles in your body, bringing your awareness to places that feel tense or tight. Breathe into those places, relaxing those muscles on your exhale and releasing tension. Do this for 3 – 5 breaths.

3. Next focus on evening out your breath to a count of inhaling through your nose for 4 seconds and exhaling through your nose for 4 seconds. You can also inhale through your nose and exhale gently with your mouth if you start to get dizzy. 

4. Tune into the sound of your heart and the sound of your breath. Maintain this internal focus for 5 – 7 minutes.  

5. Being aware of your thoughts and body sensations is perfectly natural. As you meditate, acknowledge your thoughts and sensation, releasing them with your breath.  If and when your mind wanders off, refocus on the sound of your internal breathing and heartbeat. 

At the sound of the chime or bell slowly open your eyes and come back into focus. Namaste. 

We hope you find the time to relax a bit during this busy time of year. Happy Holidays from Eliza. 


Inside Eliza Careers: Meet our Interns

Eliza Corporation is proud of its Internship Program, and works closely with local colleges to give students a hands on experience in a professional work environment. We believe in giving students who are interested in computer science a first-hand experience in a corporate setting, exposure to what a technology company does, and guidance in their future careers.

In this blog, hear directly from Amanda Ciampa- SQL Intern and Jordan Ferullo-IT Intern as they share their first-hand experience interning at Eliza. For more information about the Eliza Internship Program, please contact Paula Reynolds, VP of Human Resources at:



Amanda Ciampa - SQL Intern, Engineering

I am a senior at Endicott College currently studying Computer Science and I’m interning at Eliza Corporation for my fall semester. I was a little nervous at first since I did not know what to expect. I wanted an internship where I could both learn and be challenged. So far, Eliza has provided exactly that.

Starting my first week here, I have already learned more than expected. I've also been challenged with writing a Python script right off the bat. I am part of the SQA team; coding and testing scripts, attending daily scrum meetings, using GitHub, setting up Jenkins jobs, among other tasks.  I am picking up new things and there is still a lot learn here and I am glad to be aboard this adventure.

My supervisor, Jennifer Marks, Build and Release Engineer/Scrum Master has been wonderful in making me feel welcome, guiding me through projects, being very patient, offering suggestions, and answering any questions. She has also introduced me to other colleagues to get more comfortable working here. My technical lead, Ellen Johansen has also been equally as wonderful; teaching me everything there is to know about Eliza, helping me learn new platforms and programs, giving me confidence about my coding skills, bringing me to scrum meetings, as well as offering great guidance.

Interning at Eliza Corporation has been a fun and exciting experience. Both Jennifer and Ellen, as well as everyone else here, have made me feel at home starting from day one. I was given a warm welcome, my own cubicle, and a fancy little ID card. I am looking forward to having Eliza help me grow as a Computer Science major, and as an individual, with the many days of my internship to come.


Jordan Ferullo – IT Intern, Corporate IT


I am an Engineering student in my Senior year at Umass Lowell.  My experience at Eliza has been both a tough and fun learning experience. My first few weeks here were challenging in terms of trying to remember all the different steps I had to take in order to complete my day to day workload, but as time went on I became much more competent and independent. Dean Leahy, James Carter, John Reid, John Puopolo and many others have all taught me so much in my short few months of working here and made my experience extremely enjoyable.  Whether it be managing user accounts in active directory, installing new hardware, managing assets in our asset tracking system, or anything in between, I know that I am surrounded by intelligent individuals who are willing to help me with any problem that I may face. Moving forward I hope to continue learning as much as I can and grow as both an individual and a professional.

For more information on our intern program, please contact Paula Reynolds, VP of Human Resources at:


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