It's Flu Season! What's Up with the Vaccine Controversy?

New controversies abound in America, but one that has persisted over time, even after being scientifically debunked over and over again, is the vaccine controversy. This post shows how behavioral economic concepts and decision theory play a role in what’s often referred to as “vaccine-hesitancy.”

5 Ways to "Wow" Your Members in Early 2019

As a health plan, the New Year brings additional excitement: new members, calls to member services, managing requests for a new PCP, etc. And this year, for Medicare Advantage plans, a change to the disenrollment period, allowing members to make plan changes through March 31, 2019. This year, more than ever, plans need to “wow” their members, identify issues quickly, and make rapid adjustments. Not to mention improve Star Ratings, quality outcomes, and reduce cost while improving member, provider, and staff experiences.

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