Reach people in ways they prefer

An elderly diabetic patient in need of an eye exam. An adolescent covered by Medicaid due for an annual checkup. A cardiac patient recently discharged from the hospital after a medical procedure.

Each of these individuals has a different set of engagement needs. They have widely differing living circumstances, time demands, attitudes, and motivations. They require different levels of engagement and personal support. And they each have their own communication preferences.

Eliza’s enterprise-scale, multi-channel communications platform is designed to serve them all.

Purpose-built for healthcare, our communications platform enables us to deploy outreaches to hundreds of millions of individuals. More importantly, it gives us the power to deliver timely, tailored, coordinated outreach–across channels and in a fully integrated manner–to best suit each individual’s needs and preferences.

Each channel brings unique benefits to the conversation:

Speech Recognition Technology (SRT) or IVR

Conversational SRT is highly effective for driving individual engagement and motivating positive behavioral changes. Our patented SRT has a linguistics-based engine that understands a wide range of responses, so individuals can respond naturally. Its flexible interface results in more effective interactions delivered at any scale. And when calls are transferred to a call center, Eliza’s Interactive Whisper feature provides preview information to agents, enabling them to serve individuals more personally and seamlessly.

Listen to some member reactions to their health plans SRT Eliza outreach. Play Now.

SMS Text

Nothing is better for eliciting a prompt response than SMS texting. Studies show that over 90% of SMS messages are opened within three minutes of delivery–and the overall open rate for SMS campaigns is as high as 99%. This makes SMS ideal for managing opt-ins and opt-outs across all programs and triggering event-driven texts based on other integrated Eliza outreaches, such as email, call, or mail.


The email channel lets Eliza deliver tailored content based on population type, messaging, call to action, and client branding. Email also offers the advantage of supporting links to client websites, videos, or other content. At Eliza, we use email engagement to ensure consistent and timely messaging, driving strong open and click-through rates by people of all ages and demographics.

Live Agent

Live agent integration with member profiles and robust data assets delivers an intelligent and seamless customer experience, improving individual satisfaction. Bilingual operators also enhance the engagement experience.

Direct Mail

For some hard-to-reach individuals, direct mail engagement is the most effective strategy. We make that strategy work by creating tailored content based on population type, messaging, call to action, and client branding.

Enable individualized communication strategies.

Multiple channels enable our customers to meet people where they are, whatever their circumstance. They enable us to implement individualized communication strategies, sharing the most relevant and well-timed information through the medium best proven to drive outcomes for that particular situation.

Our core technology platform. Our coordinated, multi-touch, multi-channel outreach solutions. Our self-service user portal. And the quality of Eliza solutions. Together, they offer a range of capabilities that support our clients’ health engagement goals and drive better results.

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