Engage members to ensure compliance and improve outcomes

The most effective engagement occurs when intervention strategies provide support tailored to each individual's unique needs. Eliza identifies Medicaid members who are willing and motivated to engage in their health, pinpointing any remaining barriers they need to overcome, and connecting members to the proper resources. Our personalized conversations have proven effective in identifying risk, closing gaps in care, and improving HEDIS measurement rates that enable plans to meet state pay-for-performance targets.

Delivering Results for Our Clients

Quality & Cost Management:

  • 2-5% improvement in quality measures compared with the prior year using HEDIS methodology
  • Increased PCP visits for members with diabetes by 21%, hypertension by 23%, and depression by 28.5%

Revenue Management:

  • 10% of members were more likely to renew coverage following Eliza outreach
  • Improved Medicaid renewal rates by 4.8% over a 12-month period, retaining $2.4M in revenue

Consumer Experience:

  • Identified members who are homeless or having housing issues, and connected them with resources to assist with socio-economic barriers to care
  • For members who selected outreach in Spanish, text opt-in rates were 19% higher than those who chose English

Flexibility to meet your specific population needs

Medicaid Programs

  • Retention
  • Medication Adherence Preventive Care
  • Prenatal and Postpartum
  • Chronic Disease Management Post-Hospital Discharge
  • Emergency Room Avoidance
  • Surveys
  • Year-End Gap Closure


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