Drive behavior change, close gaps in care, and improve Star ratings

The Eliza for Medicare solution directly addresses key areas of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Star programs. Eliza’s approach to improving Star measures not only captures members’ responses, such as intent to have a recommended screening, but also uses Eliza’s algorithmic propensity scoring to add a unique dimension of understanding. For example, it can reveal which members are likely to engage in healthy behaviors or which members are likely to leave the health plan next year. We apply these insights in actionable ways to influence better population outcomes and overall program results, and, most importantly, individual quality of life.

Delivering Results for Our Clients

Quality & Cost Management:

  • Improved gaps-in-care closure rates by 27% in less than three months
  • Increased gap-in-care closures for diabetes care by as much as 23%
  • Achieved a 32.4% increase in breast cancer screenings

Revenue Management:

  • Increased retention rate 5.1% over baseline for total ROI of 4.5:1

Consumer Experience:

  • Exceeded key HOS/CAHPS scores by 15-20% raising Star measurements by 2-3 Stars

Flexibility to meet your specific population needs

Medicare Programs

  • Preventive Care 
  • Condition Management
  • Care for Older Adults or Senior Care
  • Post-Hospital Discharge
  • Medication Adherence
  • Gaps-in-care Closure 
  • Member Retention 
  • Reminders
  • Health Risk Assessments 
  • Satisfaction Surveys


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